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Masters Forensic Psychology, Online

I want very much to enroll in and complete your graduate school program so that I will be able to advance professionally in my work in our criminal justice and corrections systems. With a Master’s Degree, for example, I would be able to qualify for a  case management position with my current employer, the XXXX Secure Center. I look forward to gaining a thorough going understanding of how juvenile delinquents think, especially with respect to the ways in which they justify both good and bad behaviors. My short term goal is to successfully complete the MS in Forensic Psychology and apply for the case management position. My long term goal is to continue to learn all that I can about the many challenges confronting our juvenile justice system in America so that I will be qualified to make the greatest contribution that I can to this area.

 I graduated from XXXX College with a BS on December 2010 with a major in Biology. Previously, I graduated in 1994 from the XXXX Business School with a Medical Assistant Certificate. I feel strongly that my undergraduate studies in Biology, building upon my studies as a medical assistant, have prepared me well to do graduate work in forensic psychology. I thoroughly enjoyed my classes in psychology and sociology and I believe that psychology is the right area for me to continue my studies. I have also matured a great deal as a result of meeting difficult challenges during my undergraduate years. In 2000, I had to discontinue my studies since I was a single mother and had to care for two terminally ill relatives/ In 2010, however, I returned to XXXXCollege and completed my degree. In my early years an undergraduate student, I worked on important research projects studying the effects of pesticides on fish. By the time that I returned in 2000, my interests had changed and I devoted myself to the study of juvenile delinquency. Since I had been working for a youth detention facility for 3 years already, I decided to write my principal research paper on “The Development of Violent Behaviors within Juvenile Delinquents.”  

 My work experience also helps to qualify me for graduate study. I work in a maximum secure juvenile detention facility which has exposed me to many of the critically important issues and questions faced by correctional facilities. I have worked primarily as a keyboard specialist in the business office where my job duties are to process purchase orders as well as medical & dental claims for residents. I have been employed at XXXX Secure Center since 2008 so I have had the opportunity to become quite familiar with secure facility policies and background information on youth detainees. My exposure to a secure environment has sparked a genuine interest to help juvenile delinquents become rehabilitated so that they will someday be ready to leave the system. During my undergraduate studies I took a class in Interpersonal Communication Skills which set me on the course of many years of hard work enhancing my communication skills. The greatest contribution that I might be able make to society would be to help juvenile offenders learn to embrace positive change in novel and creative ways. I hope to assist them to learn to think outside their box, persuading them to put aside negative attitudes and develop more positive ways of thinking. I also aspire to winning their trust by convincing them that they can turn their lives around.

 XXXX University is a perfect match for me because XXXX offers the MS in Forensic Psychology online. Since I work full time, I am attracted to the convenience of being able to do my classes at home on my own schedule. I especially like the fact that I won’t have to travel to night classes anymore which is very exhausting after working all day.

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