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PHD Behavioral Science, Internet Communication

I write the following in support of my transfer from the MLIS Program to the PHD Program in Behavioral Science at the University of XXXX. Earning my PHD in Behavioral Science in your dynamic program at UXX will enable me to fulfill my long-term dreams, which have taken shape more recently- hence the transfer. In particular, I want to do research on role-playing as a form of interactive group therapy and study the psychological peculiarities of online interaction in depth. I’m prepared to put my computer skills to work at the service of research in psychology

An avid aficionado of Massively Multiplayer Online games (MMOs), I have found myself increasingly intrigued by connections between these games and human psychology and what these games can teach us about  human nature and the way that we habitually tend to interact. I see these interactions are pulled into stark relief by the relative anonymity of cyberspace and cyber barriers to emotion and moral clarity. I am interested in the nature of the escape mechanism provided by assuming an avatar personality and the extent to which it can be either harmful or beneficial in video game fights, team raids, quests, and other simulated activities. I desire to study the biological connections as well; learning everything that I can about biofeedback and then applying what I learn to discovering therapy-biofeedback combinations.

I could not be happier than I am at XXXX University studying towards my Master’s Degree in Library Science. I enjoy everything having to do with information and how it is used and I shall always stay abreast of cutting edge development in information systems and organization; especially insofar as these systems are useful for applied research. Nevertheless, as I have matured over the course of the last few years, I have become increasingly immersed in my study of Psychology, especially with respect to application to computer and information-related possibilities. Most enamored by the vast potential of new technologies to aid us in understanding human behavior, I look forward to the development of new virtual arenas in which patterns of behavior can be deciphered. I am also very much enthralled with your distinguished faculty and the extremely exciting, pioneering research being undertaken in the Behavioral Science Program at UXX.

I especially admire the inspiring work of Dr. XXXX in the area of human avatar interaction as well as Dr. XXXX on stress management through the use of creative writing mechanisms. It is my sincere belief that my undergraduate minor in English and my writing skills will propel me to special excellence in this topic.

The other reason why I want to transfer out of my MLIS program at UXX and into your doctoral program in Behavioral Science is strictly financial. I do enjoy what I am studying and see it as relevant to my central objective of harnessing developments in technology to ground-breaking research ends. I am still young and in no great hurry; thus, if it were not for financial considerations I would probably finish my MLIS degree before beginning full time study in Psychology. My source of funding for my graduate study, however, is my grandmother and she is only willing to fund one graduate degree and she is encouraging me to transfer directly into your doctoral program.

I hope to earn the PHD at UXX so as to devote myself to a lifetime of applied research. I look forward in particular to learning how to best interpret and improve the virtual social interactions of children and adolescents suffering from mood and anxiety disorders—especially since they represent such a vast and vulnerable sector of the world’s online population.

I thank you for considering my application.

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