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PHD Clinical Psychology, Korean, Anxiety Disorder

I decided to apply for the clinical PhD program at XXXX because of the thoroughgoing nature of your curriculum and your dedication to research, helping students to decide on the best avenue of research for their interests and intellectual strengths. I hope to become a professional researcher as well as counselor, and I look forward to being prepared at the XXXX because it appears to be the optimal platform for me to begin a career in psychology here on the West Coast, in California, a lovely place which I am increasingly thinking of as home. Your program is very strong in the area of research into anxiety disorder and I am especially looking forward to studying under Dr. XXXX who is distinguished in this area. Nevertheless, while I do hope to focus on anxiety and depression, I want to study these maladies from every angle, both historically and theoretically. I am confident that your Ph.D. Program will give me an opportunity to explore the bigger picture in a cutting-edge program that will help me to think creatively and prepare me to realize my maximum potential.

Graduate Study at the XXXX will provide me with vast opportunity to explore not only the professional exercise and practice of psychology in the United States, but I am also very much attracted to the diversity of your student body and I look forward to learning from my fellow students from all over the world, exploring the psychological dynamics of international, multicultural and multiethnic issues. In short, I see the XXXX as my best option for training to be of service to multiethnic Asian communities here in California.

I decided to come to America to prepare myself for a career in psychology because I feel that your emphasis on research and publication is much stronger here than it is at home in Korea. I also wanted to continue to advance professional within a multicultural society, like California, since multicultural issues are where I hope to make my mark in the future as a PHD graduate from your especially distinguished program.

Naturally, I think my greatest strength and my principal focus will be on the mental health issues of Koreans, both at home and those who have immigrated at some point to the USA, especially the ‘Korea Towns’ of California. In particular, I want to pay a lot of attention in the future to the way in which Korean people tend to simply ignore, or try to ignore, the reality of mental health issues and needs, because of a stigma that surrounds mental illness in Korean culture.

I also hope to distinguish myself in the exploration of the myriad psychological ramifications of the way in which Korea achieved such rapid economic growth, the psychological aspects of Korean industrialization, transforming South Korea from a highly cooperative to a highly competitive society, with special attention to the fact that we have the highest suicide rate among 30 OECD countries, with our number of suicide deaths doubling over the course of the last decade. This is why I hope to focus my studies towards the PHD at the XXXX in the area of causes and treatments of anxiety and stress related disorders.

 Most specifically, I look forward to researching the way in which anxiety and stress are related to other disorders, particularly depression, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and eating disorder in the context of multicultural communities. I am attracted to the study of these areas, in particular, because of the prevalence of these conditions among Asians. Stress disorders are especially common in Korea which is a very hectic and competitive society with respect to business as well as education. Also, although some progress has been made, many people still are reluctant to see a psychiatrist or psychologist because of the traditional stigma attached to mental illness in our very conservative society. Finally, I learned a great deal about diversity issues from my experience as a multicultural counselor. I want to continue to learn everything that I can about ways in which we might foster more effective communication among members of multicultural communities.

My most specific interests at the XXXX include the biofeedback studies and training programs offered by Dr. XXXX. I keenly look forward to an in-depth engagement with Dr. XXXX's work with a focus on its relevance for anxiety disorders.  Studying under Dr. XXXX, in particular, would be an excellent way for me to enhance my research abilities and learn to be an especially creative thinker in the area of anxiety disorders. My long term goal is make important contributions to the advancement of our study of clinical psychology in the context of international culture and community. The rapid growth of the Asian population in the USA, especially California, combined with the tendency among Asian peoples to neglect or ignore their mental health needs makes me confident that I will be able to make important contributions to our mental health services here in California. I look forward to using my language skills professionally here in America, working and helping people to heal in Korean and Japanese as well as English.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished program.

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M.S. Counseling, Statement of Career Goals

I am a hard worker and a very dedicated student. I am also an African-American woman with a passion for ethnic studies and a profound interest in American Indian History and Affairs, inspired primarily by the fact that I have grown up in XXXX, Oklahoma and I love my community dearly. I fully anticipate that I will realize my long term career goals of someday publishing books as well as research articles in the area of parenting styles and its association with at-risk children and adolescents, particularly minority youth. I dream of researching and writing about sibling envy, implications of parental favoritism on children’s academic and professional success, the truth behind stigmas of interracial adoption, cultural identity development and interracial adoption, self-esteem and ethnic identity in black children, and the effectiveness of current counseling services for members of ethnic minority groups.

I look forward to a lifetime of promoting healthy social and family relationships, positive behavior, and academic success as a teacher, especially improving social skills in children with Asperger’s Syndrome, learning disabilities, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. I want to struggle against the high rates of black male incarceration by launching an organization geared specifically toward young African-American males where they can receive academic provision, mentoring, and life coaching. Many young black males feel abandoned by society and I want to help provide them with a support system so that they can grow and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem and sense of worth.

After I earn my Masters degree and become a Licensed Professional Counselor I plan to get a job at a hospital or a community mental health agency. Later, I intend to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and to further develop my consultative, managerial, research, leadership, and teaching/training skills.  After I earn my doctorate I intend to get a job in a group practice or medical setting, providing counseling services to my clients and networking and organizing with my colleagues. I dream of starting my own NGO, along with partners who specialize in mental health law, as well as policy and ethics with a special focus on young children three to nine years old. I center my practice on the counseling and treating of children in this age group facing difficulties with psychological, social, emotional, or behavioral problems, particularly ethnic minority children who often have to deal with acute societal pressures as a result of poverty, parental unemployment, and discrimination and racism. I believe that earning a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in your program will help me achieve these goals.

I feel that my real-world experiences working in a psychiatric facility will help me to excel in your program, especially in my efforts to apply counseling theories, methods, and techniques to real-life situations. I also feel I am a good fit for your program since I earned my undergraduate degree at your university and I love very much being an established part of your academic community and building upon the social networks and resources that I currently enjoy. I also very much appreciate what I see as the high standards and values of our university. I see your program as the perfect place to become a leader of therapeutic groups and to develop my leadership as well as managerial skills. I was raised in Broken Arrow and I love my community very much. My rootedness in the community will also help me to excel in your program and distinguish myself in the area of Clinical Mental Health Counseling

I am most excited about studying under the direction of your entire faculty, particularly Dr. XXXX since I am so engaged with the subject of ethnic identity and it would be a special honor to learn directly from someone with such an impressive track record with respect to indigenous affairs, along with the fact that he himself is a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma. I have been especially inspired by his work in the area of urban Indian health care as well as multicultural psychology with an emphasis on assessment and treatment in ways that are diversity appropriate and effective at providing diversity-sensitive health care in the U. S. 

I also look forward to studying under Dr. XXXX because of my personal devotion to the cause of child and adolescent psychology and my passion for family counseling. At-risk students in elementary school stand at the center of my own professional hopes and dreams, especially minority children at risk. I too very much identify with my own ethnic roots and I seek a full immersion experience in this area. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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