Samples of My Work for Certificate Programs in Psychology

Earning a Graduate Certificate as central to building a professional identity

The second benefit is the opportunity to create a clear identity that can be communicated to referral sources: behavioral psychology, for example, is now at a point in its development as a specialty area that its name has taken on an image of certain assumptions that are understood by most other professionals.

For example, in a recent episode of the TV show, Sapranos, the dynamically oriented psychiatrist told her patient that his anxiety disorder might now benefit from a specialist in Behavioral Psychology!

While this is a fictional psychiatrist, the identity that Behavioral Psychology now enjoys is now common place. Board Certification creates identification with, among other things, an approach to treatment that is based on validated techniques, the use of a directed form of treatment, treatments that are often tailored to specific disorders (e.g., exposure and response prevention treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder; cognitive-behavioral therapy of depression), and assessment techniques that include idiographic data.

One example would be receiving referrals from the Obsessive-Compulsive Foundation and Borderline Personality Disorder Central—both national organizations. Your Board Certification might also lead to referrals from local attorneys, psychiatrists, and primary care physicians who have become, through some form or another, educated about the basic notions of psychology.

Brand Identity

The third benefit to be found in Board Certification is the manner in which you can create a branded product to be held out to the public. This can work in two different ways.

First, the public will often begin to hold the perception of your practice as one that is clearly defined by you having earned a certification.

The public is very familiar, thanks to the boarding process of physicians, with the idea of specialization and its defining characteristics of defined training, experience, and expertise (the latter derived from passing an examination process to earn the certification).

Secondly, the public not only identifies the level of specialization implied by Board Certification, but it is relatively sophisticated about the strategies likely to be used.

The branding from Board Certification taps into the public's understanding of correcting distorted thinking, modifying life patterns, use of activities to counter low mood, and paradoxical acceptance of anxiety.

Statements for Admission to Certificate Programs in Psychology

All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Humanitarian Work

Some humanitarian missions only work with certified psychologists, while others are more flexible. Certification, however, can put you in good stead for humanitarian work. It can, of course lead to being placed in more senior roles, which will benefit your career and increase the amount of good you can do within the country you work in.

Humanitarian work needs dedication and all your attention while you´re performing it. It can be a challenge, and force you to think creatively. It requires resilience. But once you have been through board certification, you will be able to manage situations more easily and professionally. It is similar to having more work experience.

If you are linking of going on a certificate program and you´d like some help writing your personal statement, please let us lend you a hand. You´ll be delighted with how easy it makes the application process.