All of the Statement samples on this web site were written more than 2 years ago and all are anonymous.

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Counseling is a very interesting area of study. You might already have an idea of what area you´d like to look into. Perhaps something involving the humanitarian arena. If so, the following biographies are intended to inspire you.

Fr. Kevin Conroy, Ph.D.

Fr. Kevin Conroy completed a PhD with a Counseling Specialization from Cleveland State University. His dissertation was entitled “Guatemalan Immigrants Experience of violence, torture and war: Speaking in there own voices”. It was one of five dissertations chosen several years ago by CSU to present to the University’s National Accreditation Committee.

He was also chosen by the university for the Distinguished Alumnae Award for the College of Education and Human Service, for his work with Cambodian orphans who are living with HIV/AID.

Fr. Conroy has spent the last 9 years working in Cambodia, as a Maryknoll Associate Priest/Psychologist.

During that time, he has held various positions with the Seedling of Hope program. He currently teaches at the Royal University of Phnom Penh M.A. in Clinical Psychology and Trauma treatment program. He supported the First National Survey of Mental Health in Cambodia in 2011—a randomized study that helps develop mental health programming in Cambodia.

More recently, Fr. Conroy has developed the Maryknoll Mental Health Program in Cambodia. This program aims to develop mental health outreach where there are no mental health professionals, as well as educating Cambodians living in the rural areas about mental health.

In order to fulfill this mission, Fr. Conroy created the Mobile Team for Mental Health and Mental Health services at St. Luke’s Sick Shelter in Phnom Penh.