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Sample 1st Paragraph MA Organizational Psychology

I am attracted to your renowned program at XXXX University for a variety of reasons. Foremost among them, however, is the fact that you chose to include the concept of "gemeinshaftgefuhl" in the mission statement on your website, suggesting how XXXX sees the quality of our health as residing in our community life and social interconnectedness. As a young woman raised in Indonesia my personal understanding of international diversity is enhanced by the fact that I am also Indian and partly educated in India. While Indonesian (reading and writing) was my first principal language, English has now become the language that I use constantly in my day to day activity, But, I also speak Hindi with complete fluency and I hope to use this language as well at some point in my career. I am also well traveled, which I think can be quite useful for pursuing a career in organizational psychology; in my case, traveling extensively in Australia, China, Egypt, and the USA as well as Indonesia, India, and my new home, Canada.

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