What are some of the best ways to pick a dissertation topic for the PhD or PsyD in Psychology?

Doing a lot of reading is essential if you are to come up with some ideas of what subject you would like to focus on and what direction you would like your career to go in for many years to come. All dissertation ideas should be considered carefully. There might be a lot of small modifications you can make to the title that make a huge difference to what you will end up writing about, and allow you to successfully avoid imperceptible pitfalls. Use your supervisor as a sounding board for all ideas before embarking upon any project. The closer their expertise is to your topic, the better.

Some advisers are willing to suggest 2-3 topics for you. This provides you with several benefits, as your adviser is more likely to have a good overview of the field in general, the sources, know if the subject is feasible for your time frame and you may receive guidance along the way.

Whether you finally end up with your idea or an idea suggested to you, make sure you are interested in the thesis topic. It is also helpful if your mentor is interested in the subject, as they are more likely to be motivated to help you. This passion will help you overcome the obstacles you will inevitably come up against during the course of your research. 

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