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MA I/O, Worker Satisfaction, Cuban, Miami

Now 24 years old, half Cuban and half Spanish, Miami has always been my home. I invested much of my time growing up dancing ballet from the age of 2 until I was 15. I also played piano and tennis – both very well, still do; but, it was ballet that was my central dream. My performances were always lauded and I was told that I had great potential to be the very best. In truth, however, there were always a handful of other girls who were one little step ahead of me; and in ballet only the very best of the best continue. My consolation has been psychology, which I had already embraced as my career choice by the time that I was finished high school. 

With one semester left before graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from XXXX University, my dream career is now unfolding before my eyes and I am convinced that I will find the deepest possible professional fulfillment in the near future by earning the MA Degree in I/0 Psychology and serving as business consultant, helping organizations to make their workplaces more efficient by placing a priority on the welfare of the workers and their families, particularly in terms of worker satisfaction.

Probably the greatest strength of my application is the fact that my city, Miami, is arguably the most bi-cultural, bilingual Spanish/English city in the world, and I am a fully bicultural and bilingual woman who feels strongly that she has a lot to give to her community and is very determined to do so. I want very much to continue on and also earn the Master’s Degree in I/O Psychology at XXXX, simply because I am so comfortable studying here, happy and engaged with the academic community. I feel like it is our university, XXXX, that is inspiring me to strive for perfection, and that the superlative nature of your graduate as well as undergraduate programs will provide me with a crucial edge in a very competitive professional environment. I am highly dependable with a great work ethic and a broad variety of experience. My attention to detail is impeccable as are my organizational and problem solving skills.

Since I will soon be entering my final semester at XXXX, I have developed advanced analytical skills and enhanced problem-solving abilities. I have always been a very determined and studious individual; most of all, I am a really hard worker who has distinguished herself in several challenging work environments. I now hope very much to be accepted to your Master’s Program as the next step along the way to becoming an Industrial and Organizational Psychologist.  I consider myself to be particularly well suited to a career in I/O Psychology since I pay a great deal of attention to detail and take intense pleasure in the analysis of social issues and controversy on the one hand, and conflict resolution on the others – always taking note of how people’s opinions and memories are influenced by external factors. My reading of Maslow and Herzberg have left me enormously excited about the prospects of harnessing the power of their theories for the enhancement of the quality of the workplace; and, hence, the professional relevance of I/O Psychology. One of my career highlights so far has been working on a research project entitled “Can money buy happiness” facilitating my exploration of practical applications for Business Psychology to be found in the works of Rotter as well as Skinner, with respect to the role played by cognitive processes in finding happiness in particular.

Working at a law firm for the past 4 years has helped to build my confidence and enhanced my communication skills since I am in constant contact with clients and colleagues. It has also helped me to refine my time management skills balancing work with school. I have learned a lot about how to run a law firm since the owner has entrusted me with a great deal of responsibility, greeting and interviewing clients and prospective clients, pleading preparation, scheduling hearings and mediations, drafting motions, gathering all information necessary in a timely fashion. I also do the billing for the firm, prep invoices, and prepare checks for closings as well as being in charge of commissions and bonuses paid to associate attorneys and the management of real estate owned by my employer.

Nevertheless, the above is just a job. I am not at all attracted to the idea of law school because I do not want to be an attorney. My heart lies more in investigation, public debate, administration, and education. I have volunteered at an Elementary School as an Assistant Teacher and I have a passion for research, statistics, and finding practical applications. I am civil notary public and also have an insurance license

10 years from now I see myself as a professional I/O Psychologist fully engaged in cutting edge research designed to ultimately address important social and ethical questions that emerge in the workplace of tomorrow. The principal foundation for my career advancement will be earning the Master’s Degree in I/O Psychology at XXXX. I feel strongly that the training and experiences offered by XXXX University is the perfect match for my career goals.

Education is and has always been the basis of the individual that I am striving to become. My specialty is making strategy happen: prioritizing goals, defining outcomes, aligning stakeholders, and executing against strategic initiatives.

I see your Master’s Program in I/O Psychology at XXXX as the optimal intellectual springboard to propel me forwards towards the greatest possible fulfillment as a mover and a shaker in the Miami workplace.

I thank you for considering my application.

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Master’s I/O, Workplace Mental Health

I wish to switch from a clinical track of study in psychology to industrial/organizational. I have invested a great deal of reflection in this move, especially since my academic mentor, a clinical psychologist, stressed the importance of thinking the issue through clearly in light of all available options. I am currently a first-year graduate student at XXXX College studying towards a Master’s Degree in clinical psychology. For the reasons outlined below, I would like very much to transfer to your highly esteemed program to continue my studies towards the Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, which is where my passion lies.

The main reason that triggered my decision of changing the major is my 10-month experience at a consulting company. It is an educational consulting company and I worked there as an English teacher. It was my very first time working as a full-time employee and also as a member of a large group. Frankly, I had no such experience before I started working there, so I had no sense of what it is like to work as an employee and as a member of a large group. I admit that 10 months is not a sufficient time to experience all the major issues that could arise in an organization, but I have seen many problems and stresses from it, which often hindered employees from performing at their best. The major problem in the organization I noticed was conflicts between co-workers and between an employee and his or her employer either externally or internally.

As a psychology student myself, I am well aware of how conflicts and stresses affect a person’s mental health and eventually their physical health. Such distress would further hamper one from behaving effectively in variety of settings, including workplace. From then on, I began to wonder what could be done better for an organization to success, and realized that it all begins at the beginning of recruitment and placement to mediation to worker’s motivation that affects performance and job satisfaction.

My central interest is conflict resolution in organizational settings because it strongly affects one’s work performance and also one’s mental health. To discover more about organizational psychology, I started out by buying books about human resources and listening to live experiences by people who work in human resource fields and consultants. My ultimate goal is to develop my skills in resolving conflicts in the work place and organizations to become more lucrative in long term. Moreover, I want to be able to ripen my knowledge on assisting employees to perform more effectively through appropriate human resource management.

I believe that with my fundamental knowledge on psychology, it is now time for me to shift my concentration and learn organizational psychology systematically, and with excellent curriculum XXXX College encompasses, I would be able to learn organizational psychology more deeply and ultimately able to contribute my knowledge into the workplace to make more efficient and successful environment in this ever changing competitive and demanding world. Without these tens of thousands of workers, who could run our society? I am convinced that it is us the psychologists to help achieve the goal of prosperous and successful society. 

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Masters I/O, Workplace Injury & Recovery

I have a passionate commitment to my work as a psychologist, out of concern for the well-being of my clients and the community at large. As a result of my professional experience, I now have a great deal of confidence in my abilities to plan and organize professionally, to set priorities, to meet deadlines and to handle simultaneous demands and conflicting priorities.

 I have chosen to apply to XXX University because of their impressive array of course offerings that appear to me to be optimally geared towards the fullest development of my professional capabilities. I have become an exceptional student and I crave further professional study in my field, especially following the additional post-graduate coursework that earned me the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology from XXXX University, in addition to my BS. Another strong point of my application is my employment experience as a Job Capacity Assessor and more recently as a Vocational Consultant. These experiences have convinced me that building a career in Industrial/Organizational Psychology is the correct career path for me. I also have experience working with children diagnosed with developmental disabilities, especially Autism. And this experience may also prove to be directly relevant to my future studies and professional endeavors since I feel very strongly that our special citizens with developmental disabilities can also benefit greatly from employment that makes their lives richer and more productive.

 My employment record demonstrates my professionalism and team spirit, to achieve goals and to meet standards and client requirements. I am praised by my colleagues for how quick I am able to establish a rapport with clients and gain their trust, even in difficult circumstances. I am currently developing a much greater understanding of the barriers that clients experience when seeking employment and I very much enjoy assisting them to overcome these hurdles.

 I continue to exceed my company’s expectations in assisting clients to return to gainful employment and I have been nominated by my peers for the Best New Starter Award. This is also why I was selected to attend professional development seminars funded by my employer. My clients have sustained an injury at work and have made a Work Cover Claim. So they are unable to return to their pre-injury duties and have to look for a new job. I provide assistance to them to look for a new job by helping them to write a resume and cover letter, as well as practicing mock interviews, etc.  I find my work very fulfilling and it has motivated me to pursue a career as an I/O psychologist, especially because my clients generally present symptoms of psychological problems such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, lack of confidence, in addition to or as part of basic ever day problems that prevent them from returning to work.

 Attaining the Masters Degree in I/O Psychology will allow me to make increasingly important contributions to our ability as a community to help those who are challenged in so many ways to return to the workforce as productive citizens. 

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